The Philippine – Canada Local Government Support Program (LGSP) is a joint undertaking of the government of the Philippines and Canada with the goal of assisting the government in realizing its objectives of equitable growth and poverty reduction. Through the effective local governance with enhanced stakeholder participation, this program is confident enough that it will be able to meet its goals in the near future. LGSP is a development program that implements capacity development initiatives and projects for local government units and civil society organizations (CSO) in partnership with Local Resource Partners (LRP’s).

Local Government Support Program provides technical, managemental and funding support to capacity development projects initiated and undertaken by LGUs and civil society partners. These projects are developed within the framework of LGSP’s four (4) key outcome areas and four (4) cross cutting themes. The program also targets address individual development priorities of local government units.

Through partnering with agencies and institutions here in the Philippines, the program will be able to meet its goal more effectively. They are partnered with the local government unit, DILG, and NEDA in the seven target regions in Western Visayas and throughout Mindanao. LGSP also works with Local Resource Partners (LRP’s) to develop capacities and offer trainings and technical assistance to local government units and civil society organizations (CSO).

Here are some of the current development projects that you wil find:

Integrated Coastal Resource Management
Gender Programs
Alliance Building
Local Chief Executive Development Management Program
Strengthening of Local Special Bodies
Capacity Development on Comprehensive Land Use Planning

LGSP II is the second major program of the organization that started on August 1999 up to November 2006. Its purpose was to strengthen the effectiveness of local governance in four key areas namely, the local government leadership and management and parcipatory governance. The other purpose is to assist the government of the Philippines in realizing its objectives for equitable growth and poverty reduction. The latter will be materialized through more effective local governance with enhanced mult-stakeholder participation in the target regions. The results of this program includes the following:

60% of Local Government Units exceeded benchmark competencies in leadership and management.

20% of LGUs increased their annual revenue through improvements in taxation, streaming of business processes and free collections.

DILG developed and implemented a national Local Governance Performance Management System that now includes data from 85% of all Local Government Units.

Based on a performance information system, all 205 LGUs showed a level of progress from their baseline assessment.

The League of Cities of the Philippines and the League of Municipalities of the Philippines are better able to play a key role in policy development regarding issues affecting the Local Government Units.
85 supporting institutions have integrated cross-cutting themes, new capacity development concepts and methodologies and into their work with LGUs.

DILG improved its ability to promote and sustain replication through its GOFAR based on LGSP’s replication methodology.

Current Officers of LGSP
Program Director – Ms. Alix Yule
Field Program Manager – Ms. Marion Maceda Vllanueva
National Program Manager – Mr. Rene D. Garrucho
Finance Manager – Mr. Art Mooney

Visit this site for more information about LGSP or you can also visit the program’s main website for a detailed informtion about it.